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Extracting highlights & notes from iBooks (IPad or iPhone) via online tool

Note : Following tool is no longer available as I couldn’t pay for its Virtual server hosting. I would like to thank few generous users who donated for few months to keep it alive. Those who know codding can download and use code from GitHub.

Thanks again for using it guys.

please donate to support our server(where this tool is hosted) cost     

Hi guys if you use iBooks on Ipad or iphone than you also highlight some important text while reading ,and you wondered how good it can be to extract only highlighted part of that book which you want to revise in future …

I wondered same I would like to demonstrate a way to extract your all your highlighted text to a ebook (.epub)

so what we have

Software required

  1. Download DiskAId portable from Windows users Click here ( then jump to step 5 now),                                                                           MAC users please follow this link to download (
  2. Once DiskAid set up is done, Connect your iPhone or iPad with Pc/Mac and open DiskAid.
  3. Open DiskAId ->; Preferences from menu-bar
  4. Go on Advanced Tab and check option Display All Apps.
  5. Expand Apps in left Navigation pane.
  6. Select iBooks and expand Documents->;BkLibrary_database , select iBooks_v10252011_2152.sqlite and drag and drop to Desktop
  7. Select Documents->;storeFiles and select AEAnnotation_v10312011_1727_local.sqlite and drang and drop to Desktop
  8. Then go and open   extract tool by clicking here
  9. choose both files ( AEAnnotation_v10312011_1727_local.sqlite & iBooks_v10252011_2152.sqlite) from desktop and press Extract my highlights button
  10. Wait for movement and on next page you can see your highlights which you can copy to word file or you can click on link to download ebook of your highlights (.epub file) which you can put it back in ibooks on your ipad and iphone

….Enjoy summary of books you read ….let me know any feedbacks and ideas…


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