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Extracting highlights from iBooks (IPad or iPhone)

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Hi guys if you use iBooks on Ipad or iphone than you also highlight some important text while reading  ,and you wondered how good it can be to extract only highlighted part of that book which you want to revise in future ………

I wondered same I would like to demonstrate a way to extract your all your highlighted text to a word file.

(NOTE: If you are using iBOOKS 1.5 or later than method is bit different , please have a look in comments for more info )

so what we have

What we are going to achieve

Software required

  • iPhone backup extractor
  • Sqllite database browser
  • Microsoft office(Word and Excel)
  1.  Connect your iPhone or iPad with iTunes , so ITunes will have backup of it
  2. once you have backup finished close iTunes 
  3. open iPhone backup extractor and select device you want get highlighted bookmarks from and click on “Expert mode” button on bottom right
              4.  in Backup details select and click on Extract selected  

5. select a folder you want to save extracted data and click ok, in my example it’s ibooks project

6. Now in that folder go to ibooks Project ->Application->>Documents, you can see files shown in following pic
7. Open SqlLite Database Browser click on open database (see in following pic)
8. Now select file iBooks_revision-two.sqlite in Documents folder
9. Once file is open go to Browse data tab
10. select Table ZBKBOOKMARK from table drop down
11. once your are on ZBKBOOKMARK table go to File menu and Export Table as CSV file.
12. Save that CSV and open it
13. you can delete all columns except ZTEXTUALCONTENT 
14. You can filter that column to remove blank cells
15.  Copy whole column and paste to Word with Use Destination style which will give you this table form
16. Format it by giving it numbers and title
if you are a geek and want to go in depth you can go through ZBKBOOKMARK table and copy highlights with with particular Book it belongs to ,so in final form you can have it distributed Book wise as this are highlighted from all books in iBooks.

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